Saturday, March 16, 2013

Only God

Our latest picture of Hannah. I have no idea what she is holding!
 I can't believe we only have 2 weeks left of the "waiting"process of our adoption journey. We sent in our application to Lifeline (which we love, by the way in October of 2011. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary and our acceptance into the program. Whew. The boys were only 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 then. They are almost 3 and 5 now. We sent in our application thinking we'll "just see" what happens, originally thinking we'd adopt a baby boy from the Congo in Africa. Ha!

We've endured 16 months of paperwork, interviews, meetings, lots of prayer and fundraising $32,000 and still keeping our marriage and home and family in tact. Let me say: this has ALL been the Lord.

That was then. This is now. Now we're packing and booking flights!! I have lists all over the house. I have a plethora of emotions. Excited to meet Hannah. Sad to leave the boys. Nervous about traveling. Sad to take Hannah away from all she's ever known. Excited to become a family of 5. I can't sleep. I'm nesting like a women who has been pregnant for 10 months. I feel as though I am on the verge of tears very often. I keep rearranging furniture.
Only God could do this!
See below if you'd like to help "top it off"
Hannah, you will be in our arms very soon!

I have had many "Only God could do this" moments this week:
- I've been expectantly praying for God to provide for our travel expenses (roughly $10,000). We've been praying and praying to hear back about a grant we applied for. The Lord told me to go to the mailbox. Sure enough, $5000. God listens!
- I was up til 2am on Thursday night. God led me to ask Him for the administrative people in China handling our travel document. I prayed for them, asking God to give us a speedy travel approval. And then I got our "travel approval"email on Friday. God listens!
- We've prayed that we could get Hannah before the busy travel time in China, in order to avoid the costlier travel costs. Sure enough... God listens!
- I needed a quick haircut today, and didn't make an appointment, and walked into a hair salon I've never been in before. A hairdresser I've never met before gave me a free haircut plus $100 cash for our travel expenses. God listens!
- I've been anxious about who to leave the boys with while we're gone, and asking God to work out all of those details. Tracy, Todd's sister, has 2 weeks off in between her internships, which will be the first week we're gone. Our travel dates will work perfect with Tracy's schedule!And then my Mom will be able to come the 2nd week we're gone. God listens!

Pray with us:
- Our remaining $5,000 in travel costs. We will get our final bill this week for travel costs.
- The boys - being away from us for 2 weeks; transitioning once we're home
- Hannah - her heart would be prepared for a family and a home

****If you are interested in giving to our adoption:
Under project category: select "adoption"
Under project: select "Pate, Todd and Kim"
Enter all of your info
You will get a receipt; it is tax deductible

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