Thursday, June 28, 2012

final homestudy meeting report

  • The biggest "news" from our social worker: it's most likely a boy! There are many baby girls abandoned in China, so I assumed it would be a girl. But, all-too-often boys are "left behind" because so many adoptive parents go for a girl. We chose to request either- boy or girl. We were told it's a good chance it will be a boy. The emotions I have are similar to when we had an early ultrasound with Micah and the tech said "it's probably a boy, but don't paint the room blue yet"
  • We're hoping to get our official "match" by New Year's, and travel next summer
  • Things are going well with paperwork, getting our "dossier" together
  • Getting our immigration paperwork in (the government has to approve our homestudy, and say that we are suitable to bring a child home, which costs $890-yikes!)
  • Have to get federal fingerprinting done in Atlanta or Birmingham
  • The Lord continues to provide for our adoption! We always have "just enough" in our bank account. SO many people have been generous in giving to us. The latest gift- friends had a yard sale for us, and gave us $500!!! I am constantly reminded that the orphan is on God's heart. He cares about adoption.

Other news...
  • applying for grants
  • reading up on China culture (interesting finds in my reading...plan for squatty potty's and bring your own toilet paper; Buddhist temples are everywhere; scorpion kabobs will be on the menu)
  • Have more coffee for our fundraiser. The Lord has used it to provide $800 for our fees!!