Thursday, December 22, 2011

fundraising update

fundraising thermometer
The Lord continues to provide!!!! Just what we need, at the right time.

merry christmas to our orphan!

I just wrote a check for $2237.50 to begin the homestudy. Yikes! And began on some paperwork. I've learned that the adoption process is a lot of money, paperwork and prayer. We're looking forward to beginning the homestudy after New Year's. The homestudy is about a 6 month process where...
- A social worker comes to house 3-4 times to talk with us
- We work on a TON of paperwork (biographical info, etc.)
- We have to get fingerprinted, background checks, get my passport updated and get Dr.'s physicals
- Pictures, marriage license, birth cert's, etc all have to be submitted
-Another $2200 is due at the end of the homestudy to have it finalized.

All of this information will be sent off the immigration and they will translate it. This is called the "dossier" pronounced doss-ee-ay.

Once this is sent off to the congo, the congolese government will match us with a child. That's probably 12 months away.

I must trust the Lord with ALL of this. If I don't, I become anxious and uptight and cannot enjoy where God has me today. I'm loving the fact that God is completely in control and He is Sovereign. He has every moment of our lives planned out. He is good!


Micah loves the outdoors!

our Coffee fundraiser

Toomer's Coffee has graciously helped us with a fundraiser. They made a special blend just for us. $10/bag. Very delicious coffee. We bought 100 and sold them in a week!!! People we didn't even know were calling and emailing for some. So we got 50 more and have about 20 left.

Thanks to our friends that have bought our coffee, and who have given extra money as well to help!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Micah and Elijah's latest

Micah will be 4 in March-I can't believe it. His latest....
-just wrote his name for the first time while making christmas cards for his Sunday School teachers
-knows 2 bible verses Genesis 1:1 and Romans 3:23
-just started doing his buttons and zippers all by himself
-went on an airplane for the first time. we were blessed to visit my Grandma and Mom in Miami, FL at Thanksgiving
-went fishing for the first time in FL

Elijah will be 2 in April - can't believe that either! His latest...
-he's talking more and more. says "usssuuu" means "whatsssss up?"
-he loves cars, trucks, trains, balls
-eating his favorite thing to do! he squeals and starts dancing when he sees food, or even hears plates and silveware or a food wrapper
-he's constantly wet from drool
-he's doing well with puzzles and blocks
-his balance and walking has gotten so much better.
-he loves to copy and follow big brother
-he grabs my hand when it's time to pray before a meal. so sweet :)

 excited for christmas!

a sweet brotherly moment

the Lord is providing!

We have so many sweet, generous friends that are giving to us. We're SO thankful and SO grateful.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

waiting on the Lord

The Lord continues to grow my patience. I think if we only had $___, then we'd be further along and I'd be that much closer to getting our child. But I remind myself that thinking that way is not helpful, or profitable. I'm waiting on the Lord's timing. I have to remind myself that God is Sovereign and that I can't see the big picture like He does. At times, I think, "we're in a recession, no one will be able to give" but then God intervenes and tells me that He is bigger than a recession and to keep my eyes on the cross. I get on my knees and talk to God about it, and then I receive an email or phone call that says "we're sending you something for your adoption" ... I think God just really wants to grow my prayer life. God says in James 5:16 "prayer of a righteous man powerful and effective" When I am reluctant to ask, I think about how Micah will ask us for something and how we help him. It says in Matthew 7:11"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!"

The Lord continues to grow my level of long-suffering. There is a little orphan that is completely worth it all. There is so much involved with the adoption process, we are working so hard at fundraising, and I don't even know his or her name. At times, I lose heart and forget why we're doing this. And other times, usually when I hear the boys giggle or see a sweet smile, I'm reminded of why we're doing this adoption thing. I think about Jesus on the cross and all the pain He went through to rescue my soul, and I persevere through the doubt. It wasn't east for Him. He never quit. He gave His life for me, to rescue my soul.