Thursday, December 22, 2011

merry christmas to our orphan!

I just wrote a check for $2237.50 to begin the homestudy. Yikes! And began on some paperwork. I've learned that the adoption process is a lot of money, paperwork and prayer. We're looking forward to beginning the homestudy after New Year's. The homestudy is about a 6 month process where...
- A social worker comes to house 3-4 times to talk with us
- We work on a TON of paperwork (biographical info, etc.)
- We have to get fingerprinted, background checks, get my passport updated and get Dr.'s physicals
- Pictures, marriage license, birth cert's, etc all have to be submitted
-Another $2200 is due at the end of the homestudy to have it finalized.

All of this information will be sent off the immigration and they will translate it. This is called the "dossier" pronounced doss-ee-ay.

Once this is sent off to the congo, the congolese government will match us with a child. That's probably 12 months away.

I must trust the Lord with ALL of this. If I don't, I become anxious and uptight and cannot enjoy where God has me today. I'm loving the fact that God is completely in control and He is Sovereign. He has every moment of our lives planned out. He is good!


Micah loves the outdoors!

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