Thursday, December 8, 2011

Micah and Elijah's latest

Micah will be 4 in March-I can't believe it. His latest....
-just wrote his name for the first time while making christmas cards for his Sunday School teachers
-knows 2 bible verses Genesis 1:1 and Romans 3:23
-just started doing his buttons and zippers all by himself
-went on an airplane for the first time. we were blessed to visit my Grandma and Mom in Miami, FL at Thanksgiving
-went fishing for the first time in FL

Elijah will be 2 in April - can't believe that either! His latest...
-he's talking more and more. says "usssuuu" means "whatsssss up?"
-he loves cars, trucks, trains, balls
-eating his favorite thing to do! he squeals and starts dancing when he sees food, or even hears plates and silveware or a food wrapper
-he's constantly wet from drool
-he's doing well with puzzles and blocks
-his balance and walking has gotten so much better.
-he loves to copy and follow big brother
-he grabs my hand when it's time to pray before a meal. so sweet :)

 excited for christmas!

a sweet brotherly moment

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