Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring fun/homestudy update

We are about 60% finished our homestudy. In 2 months, I've read 2 books, completed 7 hours of online training, had 2 interviews with social worker, and other random paperwork. Whew..... Still have about 10 hours to go for our online training. Why does it have to be so difficult? There are so many kids out there and some days, I just feel "stuck" in paperwork. But God is teaching me a lot about patience, submitting to our government and trusting Him with all 147 million orphans. HE can take care of them a lot better than I can.

Gearing up for yard sale fundraiser. Getting lots of donations. Praying that God would provide $2500 in this yard sale to go towards our $2500 matching grant. If you'd like to donate anything... email me

Praying for God to lead in our country choice. Not certain the congo is for us. There have been some more safety warnings. Still no completed adoption in congo through our agency. Waiting on the Lord. Don't have to be decided until the final interview with social worker. Another country? Stick with congo, but go with a different agency? There are only a few other countries that have babies available, and a relatively short travel time.

I'm having a ball outside with the boys this spring. Micah is the best bug-hunter I've ever seen. From sun-up to sun-down, he has his fingers in the dirt. Poor Todd can't join us though. It's been an aweful allergy season this year. Elijah follows Micah everywhere. Getting ready for his 2nd birthday.

Our latest addition to the family. Baby chickens.
I guess I'm the Mama hen. They follow me everywhere.