Saturday, February 4, 2012

More highlights from adoption retreat weekend

If you've adopted, or are considering, you have to go on this retreat...
There's another retreat in March because this one got so full!

I had an AWESOME weekend at the retreat with other adoptive Mommy's. I learned so much- practically and spiritually. Some highlights...
  • Amazed by the fact that there are so many other Mom's (430 to be exact!) that are walking the same journey that understand the struggles, and the joys.
  • "The world sees orphans, Jesus sees disciples."
  • Learned that there are 147 million orphans in the world; all hopeless, all longing for a "forever family"
  • God is faithful and He will provide when He calls. Obey Him and He will work out the details.
  • I cannot parent an adopted child the same way I have Micah and Elijah- they come home with many scars, different needs. We've been the "cry it out" type of parents with our bio. kids. This will not be the case with an adopted child.
  • I think I may have been convinced to adopt 2 at the same time. It's the most wise way to use our time and money God has given us. It's only $3000 more, and no more time, to adopt 2 at the same time, rather than seperately. But we'll see where God leads us in the coming months.
  • We would like to travel all together- Todd, myself, Micah and Elijah, and take a "helper." We want to experience the culture, orphanage, family bonding, etc all together. Micah will be 5ish, and Elijah will be 3ish by the time we can travel.
  • God has created me to connect with my kids better than I've been doing. I stay home allll day with them, but I don't always "connect". I was given many tools to help me in this. One of my favorites: when Micah does something I don't like, instead saying "dont do that" say "Micah you can try that again. Would you like to do a. or b."
  • Giving choices, getting on their level, going to them~ the way God has come to us
  • Be patient in the waiting
  • I was completely blown away by the world of infertility in the adoption community. I have a whole new level of thankfulness for our bio boys. I am completely humbled to hear how so many women have struggled through it.
  • God isn't just working in the life of an orphan. He's changing me too.
  • Do not have any expectations of our child when we bring him/her home. It only leads to disappointment.
  • Todd is a really good husband and Daddy! He took such good care of the boys and the house while I was gone. They had a really great time together. I asked Micah what they did with Daddy and he said "We've been eating and eating and eating".


I (miraculously!) woke up early to see the sunrise on Lake Lanier. God reminded me that just as He provides sunshine for us everyday, He will provide for our adoption- financially, emotionally, timewise

A fellow Congo Mommy. She has adopted 1 already and is in the process of getting #2 from the Congo. I sat at a table FULL of other Congo Mommy's, which was my first time to chat with other Congo Mommy's. I'm not the only crazy one!!!

 I got some really good time to talk to God about my worries, and for the rest of the family, and to pray for the country. I found myself on my knees, in tears, on top of this map that was laid out on the floor. I think the whole map was wet with many other Mommy's tears.

Another congo Mommy. Has 3 biological kids, and a little boy from congo.

My 2 sweet friends from Auburn, who have adopted from china and Russia. They've been "adoption mentors" for me and such an encouragement. We were 3 of 430 women at this retreat!!!

I love this!

Another Auburn Mommy. Adopted from the Ukraine.

Friday, February 3, 2012

God's provision/our first homestudy interview

As of February 2, we are at $11,800. I am absolutely blown away by God's faithfulness in providing for us. I'm excited to be closer to the halfway mark, but it's a little scary also that we're close to the halfway mark.

We had a great first interview with our social worker. I was expecting some tears, but I did ok. I let Todd do a lot of the talking. Im feeling very vulnerable in this process. Pretty much all of our "dirt" is being dug up and talked about. She was gracious and I felt ok being myself. I feel the freedom to speak about our struggles, and reminded that Jesus makes us whole. Loving the fact that our adoption agency is very grace-centered. But I do have a hard time with some of the repetition of our paperwork and interviews (ie How many times are they going to ask me "Are you a convicted felon?").

Next on our homestudy agenda:
  • Todd has to do his autobiography (I finished mine already!) before we can schedule our next meeting with social worker
  • Reading 2 books on adoption, 1 of which is 440 pages long, and more required reading on the internet
  • Moooorrrre paperwork. errrr.
  • Need to get our AIDs and syphyillis shots. errrrrr.