Friday, February 3, 2012

God's provision/our first homestudy interview

As of February 2, we are at $11,800. I am absolutely blown away by God's faithfulness in providing for us. I'm excited to be closer to the halfway mark, but it's a little scary also that we're close to the halfway mark.

We had a great first interview with our social worker. I was expecting some tears, but I did ok. I let Todd do a lot of the talking. Im feeling very vulnerable in this process. Pretty much all of our "dirt" is being dug up and talked about. She was gracious and I felt ok being myself. I feel the freedom to speak about our struggles, and reminded that Jesus makes us whole. Loving the fact that our adoption agency is very grace-centered. But I do have a hard time with some of the repetition of our paperwork and interviews (ie How many times are they going to ask me "Are you a convicted felon?").

Next on our homestudy agenda:
  • Todd has to do his autobiography (I finished mine already!) before we can schedule our next meeting with social worker
  • Reading 2 books on adoption, 1 of which is 440 pages long, and more required reading on the internet
  • Moooorrrre paperwork. errrr.
  • Need to get our AIDs and syphyillis shots. errrrrr.

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