Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where did you get $32,000?

Here are the numbers. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
I write this to encourage those who are considering adoption. If we can do it, anyone can!!

$150 from 2 dinner fundraisers at Chappy's Deli ~ 30 families
$5000 Show Hope grant (Steven Curtis Chapman's ministry)
$5000 God's Grace Adoption Ministry matching grant (2500 from friends, 2500 from the grant ministry)
$1600 in Toomer's Coffee Sales (We sold A LOT of coffee!)
$2700 First Yard Sale
$1700 Second Yard Sale + Kids Clothes Connection Sales
$16,000 from approximately FIFTY other family members and friends
Approx total $32,000 (As  I write this, we are at the $30,000 mark but I am confident God will provide another $2000!)

Very resilient brothers (Micah and Elijah) that have been so patient through this whole process
Chinese friends that have translated for us
Friends and family that have kept the boys for me while I get paperwork and packing done
Family keeping the boys while we go to China
Grandmothers that do laundry
Granny's that send lots of presents
Sweet Sunday School friends that gave us a shower
More sweet friends that gave us another shower
Neighbors that helped with our 2 yard sales
A church that is supportive
A family that is supportive
Awesome social workers that have trained us well

150+ people have come together to bring this soon-to-be daughter home!!!

Old picture of Meiqi Hannah. We saw this in her medical file for the first time in October 2012

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  1. That is so wonderful! She is so very loved. <3
    We have only managed to raise $1,500 but you give us hope!