Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Final thoughts (1)

We're ready!!!

I am sooo very excited to be at the end of this road. The end of waiting. The end of fundraising. The end of paperwork.

But it is not the end of trusting. If I have learned anything through this process, it has been to trust God, and that He is faithful. We are trusting God even though we cannot see Him ~ faith!  When I don't trust Him, I get anxious and fret and try to take matters into my own hands. Then I hear God's sweet voice say "I forgive you. Trust Me." I can trust God with our kids. I can trust God with our money. I can trust God with our marriage. I can trust God with our future. I can trust God with it ALL.

I am enjoying the fact that God has orchestrated our travel plans around Good Friday and Easter. We fly out on Good Friday, and Meiqi Hannah will become ours on Easter Sunday (Monday in China). If Jesus dying on the cross and being raised from the dead is not enough reason to celebrate, we get an extra blessing of meeting our new daughter!

What I am trusting God for now:
- Meiqi Hannah will know some English
- We will find favor with Meiqi Hannah
- God will provide our last $1500 (gets doubled to $3000 with matching grant!)
- God will give us great friendship with the other adoptive families in our group. I think there will be TEN other families with us - also adopting kids!
- The boys will be safe and happy while we're gone

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