Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 2: Taking It All In

We have nothing planned today until 4:00, which will be a meeting with our guide, to go over everything for the big day tomorrow - Gotcha Day!

We did some exploring of the sights closeby within walking distance. There is a lot to take in! The city is very busy. There is a lot of hustle and bustle. Getting used to city life + Chinese life has made for an overwhelming 24 hours.

While we did some exploring, we saw 3 street beggars who were all severely disabled. One was severely burned and laying on his stomach with a sign that said "fire." Another was severely mamed. The other was very old and blind. My first thought went to the 1 million Chinese orphans, many of whom are severely disabled. Beggin on the street is the orhans fate apart from God's grace intervening in their life. Orphans here don't have job opportunities or families to call for help. They are hopeless.

The weather is muggy, humid and cloudy. It was a little chilly this morning.

Micah, I took this picture for you. Daddy is eating spicy noodles for breakfast!!!

The breakfast buffet is amazing! There is a good mix of American and Chinese food.

There is a beautiful waterfall in the hotel gardens

I am amazed by how beautiful the flowers and plants are here. Guangzhou is on the same latitude as the Florida Keys. It has a very tropical feel.

Happy Easter!

I love the pool! You have to go through the shower and foot pool to get into the pool area. It overlooks the city.


A window washer 30 stories high - with one little rope! Incredible.

A little bread shop across the street.

There is a walkway that goes from the hotel over to some shopping. There are a lot of stores and malls closeby. The mall is beautiful. Lots of fancy shops. There are lots of small shops too. The grocery store is on the 4th floor of the mall.

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