Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 3: Gotcha Day/One Less Orphan!!!!

We have a daughter! She is just precious. Meiqi is no longer an orphan.

 The first thing she did was run to me and hug me and jump into my arms! She squeezed me so tight. I could tell she was a little scared. I could feel her heart racing, but there were a lot of smiles. She didn't want to let go of our hand for quite awhile. She was ok with saying goodbye to her Nanny's.

We spent a lot of time with her Nanny's - getting information about her. They were all very kind and helpful. These two Nanny's have been with Meiqi since she was a baby.

We're still not sure what to call her. The Nanny's had a nickname for her. We're calling her Meiqi Hannah. We originally thought it was pronounced May-Chee, but apparently in her dialect (Cantonese), it is pronounced "May-Kay." We've been calling her "May-Kay Hannah"

Saying Goodbye to the Nanny's
We stopped by the store on the way back, with the help of our guide and picked out some things for her to eat. She wanted to put everything in the cart!! But the guide told her "only one" in Cantonese and she obeyed. She went on the escalator for the first time and loved it. She loved the van ride too. She just kept smiling. We took out some granola bars. She tried a few bites of one, and then wanted mine. So we traded granola bars.

Leaving our exciting shopping trip!

She has been smiling a lot and getting into EVERYTHING! She is very curious. She never stops!

In the first hour of being back in the hotel, she has gone through every drawer, pocket and bag.

We have a little diva on our hands! She has already taken a shower, blow dried her hair, gotten dressed, put on flip flops, DONE HER MAKEUP! with my makeup she found in my bag, painted her finger nails WITH 2 COATS!  And then handed me her dirty clothes and asked me to hand-wash them! O boy!

She loves technology. She has figured out Todd's phone and my Kindle Fire, has both TV's on and goes back and forth between the TV's watching different shows.

She has tried atleast 1 bite of everything in our hotel room!

We were told by the Nanny's that she had a difficult time speaking. She has spoken a little with the guide and has tried to a little with us. We've been doing a lot of hand-signals.

Micah, she does not like bugs or worms :( But she does love junk food as much as you do I think!

She is very thoughtful-she just brought me some tiolet paper to use with my dinner. We're eating noodle bowls in our hotel room. We are all emotionally worn out tonight!

Another family with their new sweet 2 year old

Thanks again, everybody for all of the prayers and support!


  1. I am weeping for joy. One less orphan and one very blessed family was grown today. Praying for you as you walk the next days, weeks, and months together getting to know one another. I'm so glad she ran right to you. What a blessing to your mama's heart.

  2. This is wonderful! She is so precious! I couldn't sleep this morning, for wanting to get on the computer to see if you had an update. I am so excited for you guys! She sounds like she is going to be a lot of fun!!! We love you guys, and we are praying for you!!! (Btw...I got a newspaper for you.)

  3. I've been thinking of and praying for you guys almost non-stop since thursday! I am so glad that you guys are bonding (tiring as it may be) with May-Kay Hannah! We love you guys, and cannot wait to see what God has in store for you!

  4. This sounds so much like Katie's first day... down to the hair styling, finger nails, exploring the hotel room and the remote control for the TV. Our first battle of wills was prying it out of her hands. :) Hang in there!

  5. Congratulations!!! How exciting! I love the pictures! We'll be praying for your family as you adjust to a new normal :) Love you guys!!

  6. Lovung reading these updates and praising the Lord for His goodness! We prayed for China during secret church this weekend and it was perfect timing!