Monday, February 18, 2013

Pieces of the Pie

So I had to put this pic on here, because it's the sweetest!!! 

Ok, so I tried my hardest to make a pie chart, but it just wasn't happenin' so this is the best I can do to show you what we have left to pay. This all  has to be sent to China before we get on the plane to get Hannah.

Consider "Taking a Piece of the Pie"  to Bring Hannah Home

(much of this is estimated; could be a little more or less)

Todd's Flights $1600
Kim's flights $1600
Hannah's One-Way Flight $1200
Hotel $2000
Food $500
Guide $500
Tours $500
Tuberculosis Test $130
Translation Fee $360
Guide/Service Fee $500
Driver Tips $200
Orphanage Donation (mandatory) $300
Total  Estimated Travel Expenses: $9,290

We have a tax deductible account for our adoption expenses. Email me at KimberlyLPate @ if you want more info!!!!!!

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