Sunday, October 30, 2011

why adoption? why international?

We've been asked this a lot. And it boils down to 1 thing: it's what God has told us to do! I can't explain it any other way.
Adoption is not for everyone. International adoption is not for everyone.
BUT we have been commanded to "look after the orphan and the widow" (James 1:18)
International adoption is the best way we can come up with to obey this command. All other doors have been closed for us.

Peripheral/secondary reasons for international adoption...
- As believers in Jesus and children of God, we have been adopted into God's family. When we were God's enemy, we were not included into His family. When we became born-again, we were adopted into God's family. Our adoption is only an overflow of joy for what God has done for us! God the Father is our Daddy!
- There are millions of orphans in the world- no family, no hope, many without clean water or food, no opportunity to hear the Good News.
- God has given us every grace that we need. He's given us the power we need. There is nothing that is impossible with God.
- When God commands, He doesn't leave us hanging out to dry, left to ourselves to figure it out. He gives us what we need to help us to obey.
- As far as why international, I think it also boils down to the fact that it's what God has called to. It's what we're most passionate about. It's how God has gifted me (Kim).

Micah and Elijah- 1 1/2 and 3 1/2

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