Friday, October 21, 2011

Our adoption timeline

So this is kinda what has led us to this point...

198?- Todd became born-again. Shortly after knew that God was leading him to "make disciples"
199?- Todd spent 18 months in Kazakhstan and his heart was burdened for the nations
2001- I (Kim) became born-again. Shortly after became burdened for kids that have no hope
2002- On a Summer Beach Project with Campus Outreach, God began working in my heart for the nations. Also where Todd and I met
2006- Todd and Kim married and international adoption became a "dream" for us as a married couple
2008/2010- Micah and Elijah born
October 2010- Got "more serious" about adopting but God kept the doors closed. We were given $1000 by 4 different friends for adoption costs. Started filling out paperwork for international adoption but none of the countries met our guidelines, or we didn't meet any 1 countries guidelines. So we started pursuing adopting thru the local foster care system. But we had scheduling conflicts and not able to attend their certification classes.
October 2011-  "Just happened" to be looking on Lifeline's website again. Saw Congo and CHA-CHING! It meets all of our guidelines and we meet all of their guidelines!!! We wanted a country that had a short travel time and has young/healthy children available. This is the only country that Lifeline works with that meets these guidelines for us.
October 20, 2011- Got in appplication
October 28, 2011- Our 5 year anniversary

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