Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Meiqi Hannah

Dear Meiqi Hannah, Happy Thanksgiving!

That's American code for "Enjoy eating way too much food!"

I should be asleep right now but I can't get you off my mind. My belly is full of yummy turkey and Grandmother's dressing and sweet potato pie and Aunt Tracy's chocolate cake. We spent the whole day with our family. There were kids running around everywhere. An assortment of casserole dishes a mile long. Aunt Lynn's tree that was so tall it scratched her ceiling. Micah and Elijah playing with their cousins Barbie dolls (shhh, don't tell Daddy!). We enjoyed the latest family gossip. Oh, how I wish you were here with us.

We've started decorating for Christmas. Christmas is a big birthday party for someone very important and very special, a man named Jesus. You'll hear a lot more about him when you get home. We each have our own stockings on the doorway for special presents. I want to get a stocking for you. You can help me pick one out for your first Christmas next year. You can help me decorate too.

I think it's Friday afternoon for you right now. Did you eat lunch? Did you have enough to eat? I wish I could send you some Thanksgiving leftovers. We had enough to feed your entire orphanage.

How can I miss someone that I've never met? How can I love someone that I have never hugged?

I am thankful for you.

Much love,

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